Keogh’s: an atmospheric cafe off Dame Street

Staff friendliness: 10/10

Baileys cheesecake: 6/10

Loose-leaf tea: 9/10

Interior: 9/10

Music: 80s/90s nostalgic

Overall: 8/10

It’s difficult enough to find a nice cafe in central Dublin. There isn’t really a cafe culture here per se. There used to be a Fixx Cafe on Dawson Street. It was the spot where I set up informal meetings and such. Well, one day, I got a call from my counterpart to tell me that Fixx isn;t there. As in, the building isn’t there. It’s not often that they knock down a building in Dublin – and somehow it had to be one with the nicest cafe. Don’t crucify me for saying this, but often one has to resort to Starbucks. However, there are other options.

Keogh’s has an atmosphere of being a Dublin institution. It has the cafe part and the newsagent/baker part with a pen shop wedged in between. It’s not infrequent for Dublin’s high streets to come out in this patchwork arrangement.

I’ve recently spent a nice Sunday afternon spent sipping tea with a book in this lovely cafe off Dame Street. I’ve been passing by Keogh’s for years,  bu never went in, though it looks very appealing from the outside:


It is very inviting with its various scones, ciabattas and sandwiches.


Myself, I was most impressed by the art. I got chatting to the very lovely staff who informed me that the art is by a Belfast artist.


The staff were incredibly friendly, albeit a little slow. They were very patient with a bunch of Italian tourists who didn’t speak a word of English and kept changing their minds about what they wanted. The girl at the till deserves a place in heaven just for that.


I went for the Bailey’s cheesecake… It turns out that it’s actually not that good. It is too sweet and not enough Baileys. Interestingly enough, the best Baileys cheesecake I’ve even had was in an Italian place called Pacino’s on Sussex Street. Unfortunately, they discontinued it… Oh well. They did, however, serve very good loose leaf tea.

The overall experience in Keogh’s was nice. It’s friendly, full of hustle and bustle but also very welcoming and non-hurried at the same time.


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