Powerscourt: surprisingly perfect brunch spot

It turns out that Powerscourt isn’t just great for a day out but also for brunch. At the end of March, it is a truly beautiful place to visit.

The easiest way to get to Powerscourt is to drive: it’s about 20 minutes down from South Dublin. There is ample parking.

There must have been hundreds of different types of flowers blossoming in every possible colour. There is a beautiful Japanese garden that is over 100 years old. It is full of mossy Japanese features, bamboo and cute little bridges over a small pond with streams.powerscourt-japanese-garden-spring

On from the Japanese gardens, we were lucky enough to bump into a couple of rather amorously disposed horses.

powerscourt-japanese-gardenThere is an abundance of beautiful water features. The place is very peaceful at this time of year, and we were very lucky to not get rained on!


Here are some of the beautiful monuments. It really has to be seen in real life to appreciate the full ensemble.


Finally, on to the food. While it may be a little tough to find a seat, you will certainly be rewarded with a fabulous view. There is also the option to sit outside, but this time of year it was simply too cold. The food is a mix of hot and cold, it has a distinct KC Peaches feel to it. No alcohol and lots of children, but hey, it’s a fabulous place.

The service is a little bit canteeny: you go up to the counter and have to figure out what mix of 3 salads and 2 hot dishes you want in one coherent sentence, otherwise, you will be getting a dirty look from the lady with the hair net. She’s seen it all before.

There is also a lovely (overpriced and touristy) gift shop with hilarious cards, gourmet, verging on designer, garnish jars, all sorts of exotic pasta and some local arts and crafts.

Surprisingly, the place wasn’t that mobbed at all (except where there was food), despite it being a weekend.



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